The first Experience Centre simulates both residential & commercial key areas & showcase the convenient AC system, for all potential decision makers to understand, explore and experience the DAIKIN principles, technology and installation in a unique way.

This new development underscores our commitment and aim to share knowledge and expertise, disseminating new and innovative technologies, focusing on high energy efficient air-conditioning equipment and the global best practices in the field of HVAC systems.

The exposed ceiling concept is created an ingenious way throughout the entire space to explain about installation quality & insulation methods. The customers can check lively the performance and noise level of the system. Adding to this, a smart BMS control system, Daikin Intelligent Touch Manager is installed to envisage the machine efficiency and track the real time energy consumption.

The new facility will provide interactive and hands-on experience to the end users and decision makers from designers, architects, consultants and clients to have a better understanding & arrive at decision point to select the perfect, energy-efficient air-conditioner system that best fits their application & needs.

Rahul Duragkar, Managing Director, Emitech Group, said, “Establishing an experience centre, it will serve as a platform to create compelling experiences by bringing the technology closer to customer, nurture collaboration and co-creation, and next generation ideas to be actualized for HVAC systems. Being Daikin as a business partner, it will enable the industry to explore Daikin broad technology portfolios, discover emerging technologies and new HVAC applications and our deep domain HVAC expertise and solutions.”